Mar 21, 2007

cheers to crystal!!

i went home to Bako for my shower and my mom took me to Olcotts - where every Bakersfield Bride registers. They do a little set-up of your china, flatware and stemware so everyone can see what you've chosen. i had fun seeing little sisters of my classmates listed! anyway - i had previously done all my registering online. yes - that's how modern i am. but i realized i was missing some key points. for example - the crystal stemware i had chosen - was totally wimpy. so not us (who tend to break glasses in that genre). so i handled them all. i wanted something pretty - but not too delicate. something classy - but easy to use daily if i choose. something my fiance would like. something that had a little weight to it. and i found this perfect set of glasses by Noritake. i had no idea how much they cost - and i was hoping they weren't an arm and leg. and guess what? they are ridiculously affordable. so i thought i'd share my find with you.

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