Feb 23, 2007

bachelorette soiree

this Viceroy is my patron saint of hotels. marvelously chic - bold, modern, sorta retro, sorta kitsch. it's nothing short of fabulous!!! and they have pool-side cabanas, gorgeous decor and it's only steps from la playa. i'm so excited to celebrate here with the girls - feeling glamorous and enjoying each others company in a space that was one of the inspirations for my wedding (i just wish i could bring home these fabulous chairs)!

cute on the cake

my immediate thought was: no cake topper. but then i started fishing around to see if there was anything chic and not cheese. and there are some pretty darling things out there! ultimately, i think our topper will be a bow made out of delicious frosting...but i'd love to do something with these precious metal & rhinestone flowers. now that would be a cute cake topper, don't you think?

Feb 21, 2007

sweet, sweet bouquet

i keep changing my mind about what sort of bouquet i'd like...and today i'm thinking Lily of the Valley would be quite lovely. i love the simple looks of the delicate flower and the bright green leaves...i'm a singular flower sort of gal. and the scent is supposed to be incredible. in my research - a bouquet would require about 75 stems (though i bet 50 would work for a smaller one). i found them at FWX flowers for $2.08 a stem (if you're a DIY gal - a florist will likely charge double). check out the site for other ideas/flowers!

Feb 13, 2007

nice gift for the groom

if your man is gettin' all snazzy and sportin' a dress shirt that requires cuff links - then these are a really nice gift you can give him! they are patterned silk by Suburban Silk (i've seen them in the city at Wingard on Union Street). They come in loads of colors and patterns - one is bound to complement your wedding colors.

dazzling earrings

i happened to walk by a jewelry case at Nordie's yesterday and found "the necklace". it is so pretty and glamorous, i was mesmerized. sadly, they don't have a photo on their website - but i wanted to share the Nadri line with you because they have created so many lovely jewels. i bought 3 pairs of earrings so i can see them with the dress and make a decision. The lovely vintage style earrings pictured are only $40! now that's a bargain for glamour.

Feb 10, 2007

sparkle plenty

finally!! i found my sparkly rhinestone buckles to close up the invites in a glamorous and spectacular way. check out Rhinestone Jewelry and you can order them in bulk for an amazing price. grab some satin ribbon at Nashville Wraps and you'll have the makings of something fabulous.

black & white and cute all over

i've been in flower girl dress mode for weeks....hunting for ideas, searching for fabrics. and then today i found this cutie pie and it's a done deal. my cousin was going to make the dress - but when you can buy one this cute at this price, you just do it.

Feb 9, 2007

adorable flower girl

i'm grateful that my cousin (and mother of my flower girl) is a seamstress and can whip up a fabulous custom dress. but that doesn't mean that i haven't been scouring the web with ideas!! and though this dress by Bonnie Jean is not in my color scheme - it certainly qualifies as an adorable (and mini-chic) dress for a precious girl. and totally affordable ($40) at that!! check out the link for other prints and styles. can you just imagine how sweet a little munchkin would look walking down the aisle wearing this? ridiculous!!

sky high polka dot heels!

i saw these shoes in the latest Marie Claire and was salivating. how fun for my BM's with their black cocktail dresses!! of course when i found them online at Guess, i promptly sent them to the gals. one wrote back and said she can't really muster a 4" heel. holy high-walker! i didn't realize they were so high. i doubt my other BM, who is 5'11" would want to wear them either. so the search continues....

Feb 7, 2007

black & white bridesmaids

recently popped into BCBG and found some scrumptious potential BM dresses. my two fave's are a delightfully chic black & white pleated number and a totally sweet taffeta shirt dress with tulle at the hem. and for the long & sexy - a glamorous knot front jersey with a slit to high-heaven. fabulous, wearable and ever-so-chic!

Feb 1, 2007

signed, sealed, delivered

my first thought was "are you kidding me? i'm not spending all that extra postage just to have a cool stamp!" and then i realized that the stamps you could buy were really not that great. i like to create a visual package for the save-the-dates (and invites) that has a fabulous, cohesive look. and the stamp is definitely part of that look. so i decided it was worth the extra money. scan some fabrics or neat wall paper or gift paper and then add your own text or design. think of it as a mini art project and get the creative juices flowing. i got my stamps at Zazzle (love the name!). they're so cool.