Feb 9, 2007

sky high polka dot heels!

i saw these shoes in the latest Marie Claire and was salivating. how fun for my BM's with their black cocktail dresses!! of course when i found them online at Guess, i promptly sent them to the gals. one wrote back and said she can't really muster a 4" heel. holy high-walker! i didn't realize they were so high. i doubt my other BM, who is 5'11" would want to wear them either. so the search continues....


Polka Dot Bride said...

need them!

revolutionaire. said...

I'm a 6' tall maid of honor and it's the bride's dream to have me in black shoes with white polka dots!

I've been searching the internet all afternoon for a pair with a kitten heel.

Have you had any luck finding anything for your 5'11" bride's maid?