Dec 28, 2006

who says shoes have to be white?

i may go with a white shoe...haven't decided yet...but i am seriously loving the idea of a colorful and fabulous shoe. how fun will the pictures be lifting your dress a notch? and a fun surprise when anyone get a little glimpse! Hollywould and kate spade both have some yummies! too bad the kate spade ones are ankle straps - i just don't do ankle straps. otherwise, it's a pretty rockin' shoe.

Dec 27, 2006

let them eat gorgeous cake!

cakes!!! this could be the best part of wedding planning for a couple of sweet tooths like me and peter. i like the simple, understated looks with lots of personality (and taste). i prefer non-3D flwoers (only because the 3D ones are so ubiquitous). some of my favorite designers include i dream of cake (i love the black & white), Laura Lucov (the retro flowers are fun, and Beaux Gateaux (the stripe cake is so cool). i have only tasted the confections of i dream of cake and attest to their brilliance in taste. i'm thinking of a black and white exterior with an electric yellow lemon cake!

Dec 24, 2006

beautiful bouquets

so - i'm doing a black & white wedding. i'm going for chic, retro, sorta glam, sorta modern. when it comes to flowers, i applaud simplicity. i think flowers have their own personalities which are inherently special. when you start mixing em up like crazy, they tend to lose themselves. so my floral philosphy is to let the flower shine on it's own (much like you, sweet bride!).
these are examples of some of my current favorite bouquets.

adorable veil alternatives

i adore these fabulous hair clips by Rachel Austen. I got one that i intend to fashion with a "birdcage" veil. I found a cute example at Unveiled Bridal Designs. such a fun retro look!

Dec 23, 2006

Save The Dates

i'm sure you've seen a million ads for cheesy Save-the-Date magnets....but i have a suggestion for a cooler magnet (and it's very strong and super affordable). Try Cafe Press - you can design it all by yourself! (see an image of ours on the sidebar). i wrapped them up like gifts and sent them in the smallest envelope that the post office will allow!

retro invitation fonts

i'm about 75% original and 25% traditional when it comes to the wedding. i'll word the invites in a traditional fashion but make it more "us" with the fonts. my favorites are from font diner.

hot registry item

i LOVE LOVE these plates from kate spade (thankfully i got them for my birthday - because no one knows about our registry yet!). i think they're cute for year round, though they are meant for "holiday". i adore peacocks.

ooh la centerpieces

if i see another gaudy, overdone centerpiece, i'm going to scream! have you ever been seated at a table playing eye jockey with your fellow guests because the centerpiece is too large and you can't see anyone? i think that is the kiss of death at weddings. i like to follow the good KISS notion (Keep It Simple, Stupid). here are few ideas i'm diggin'.

chic bride: the beginning

Hello lovely brides and brides-to-be!

I'm starting this blog because i've been engaged for 8 months now and i'm always having a dickens of a time finding ideas for my wedding that are truly chic and not overly "bridal".

the definition of chic is: smart elegance and sophistication especially of dress or manner

this is what this blog will be highlighting. i'll do my best to sleuth out chic dresses, flowers, invites, places, etc. The slant will be affordable and Northern California - but hopefully everyone will find a reason to enjoy!

and Congratulations to you as you enter this phase of bliss!