Jan 25, 2007

custom bridesmaid dresses - what a concept!

i am so all about my bridesmaids wearing their dresses again. in fact - i want them to choose their own dresses. i mean - why should i choose something as personal as a dress for someone else? hunting around, as i tend to do, i found this brilliant site that allows you to create custom dresses (for the bride too, natch!). you choose your bodice, hem, accents, colors, fabrics! pretty fun too. check out Olivia Luca and have some fun playing designer! warning: the dresses are pretty pricey - the two i tried out were in the $400 - $500 range. OUCH!

charming invitation font

i'm obsessed with fonts right now. i've been searching, downloading and testing for the last few days. so far, nothing looked quite right. then i found this font called Monterey on Myfonts.com. it's the perfect blend of chic, retro, fun, elegant and charming. i adore it with the Canterbury Sans. i think i've finally got it!!

Jan 24, 2007

wedding in the tropics - dreamy!

when i first got engaged - i thought it might be incredible to have a destination wedding at a warm, tropical locale (my mom quickly put the kibosh on that idea!). i found this really cool looking place near Puerto Vallarta where you can rent out the entire Playa Fiesta hotel for your wedding. imagine how fun if all your friends and family could take over a beach front hotel to celebrate your nuptials in a vacation-like setting. HOT, baby!! and then one of my favorite places - Sayulita -(the Carmel of Mexico) is just a hop, skip and a jump away (they also have amazing wedding facilities, by the way).

Jan 20, 2007

beautiful venue - Mayacamas

i just talked to another bride today who had not yet chosen her venue for her wedding. when she said what she was looking for - Mayacamas popped into my head!! i went to a wedding here about 3 years ago and had the most incredible time. i looked into the venue for my own wedding - but they were going through a sale of the property and were not booking. I think they may be back up and running!! if you want to have a "wedding weekend" affair where people stay at the venue - then check this out!! it's a real gem.

so old hollywood glam

ok - so i bought my birdcage veil (for $35 on ebay, thank you very much) and now i'm on the hunt for a glamorous feathery doo-day to bring the whole look together. i'm really digging this one by Erica Koesler!

Jan 19, 2007

simply fabulous jewels

holy diamond love!! i just about keeled over when i saw this magnificently gorgeous earring (i heart gold). i think these would be simply fabulous to wear for my wedding and even everyday beyond! but alas - i don't know how much they are but i'm almost certain they'll be more than my dress. woe is me. check out the entire Penny Preville collection and prepare to drool, ladies!!

Jan 18, 2007

map it, baby!

a sassy women i know started this cool (and practical) website called Wedding Mapper. It's a great way to show your guests the locations for hotels, ceremony and reception - as well as favorite restaurants, shopping areas and local attractions they should not miss! Plus it will be very helpful in navigating your wedding!

Jan 13, 2007

bridesmaid dresses - back in black

one of the many reasons why i chose to do a black and white wedding is so my 2 fabulous bridesmaids could each wear their own favorite black cocktail dress (and of course - they are excited to be shopping for a new addition to their wardrobes). each of these lovely women has a totally different body type and completely different style - so i could never fathom plopping them in the same uniform.

i'm looking high and wide to see what gems i can find. here's one that i was surprised to find at David's Bridal (i've never even been to one of their stores). i love the sorta retro knife pleats.

Jan 11, 2007

Gorgeous Invitation ideas

I've been researching invitations like mad. i love paper & being crafty...so i'm doing a combo of buying supplies, having a talented friend help me with design layout & DIY assembly. I'm definitely using black envelopments pocket folds, some nice linen paper and for the piece d' resistance: a rhinestone buckle with green satin ribbon. how special will the guests feel when they receive this sassy gift?? so special, i hope!

Jan 5, 2007

another gorgeous shoe

i have to share a new shoe i'm loving. i'm pretty much enamored of the peep-toe style - so i was thrilled to find this beauty called Francesca by Grazia. the only bummer is that it's not dye-able and i can't see too many occasions in my life when i'd wear them again (this is one of the few practical thoughts i ever have). hmmmm. i'm still planning to try them on and see.....and how cute is the square bling? FYI - the shoe is $20 less at www.myglassslipper.com - but not photographed.

Jan 3, 2007

yummy black & white dress

good lord! this dress is such a dream! a little bit vintage, a little bit flamenco and all fantastic. the tiny jet beads embroidered on the stark white must mean that this dress by Carolina Herrera costs a small fortune. i already have my dress - but when i saw this on the cover of the new Martha Stewart Weddings - i was flabbergasted. utterly gorgeous (and styled so beautifully). would be perfect for my black and white wedding!!

Lookin Hot for the Big Day

I am seriously motivated to get into my best shape for the wedding (and subsequent bikini=clad honeymoon!). here's what i'm using to help: a combination of The Dailey Method (they're having a great special right now!), bootcamp (i chose BodyCore for their convenient location & the instructor is adorable) and http://www.sparkpeople.com/ (a new website i just discovered that helps you but together meal & fitness plans to meet your goals! After all, 'tis the season for resolutions.

if i do wear white shoes....

i think the styles from Grace Couture are so elegant and pretty. I especially like the idea of a sparkly adornment. Another idea is to take a plain shoe (i prefer the peep toe style) and add a gorgeous shoe clip from Absolutely Audrey. these would also add some flair for your maids!