Apr 25, 2007

the "Fabulous" shoe

i tend to throw around the word "fabulous" a lot. it's how i describe my friends, my clothes and a sunny day. so imagine my utter and complete delight, when I, the self-proclaimed polka dot goddess, found a shoe dubbed "the Fabulous" for my wedding. it's a black & white wedding, you know. and i already had a really dreamy pair of shoes to wear (traditional white satin). but they didn't really scream "kate!!". these did. AND they are only $59. AND they are comfortable. AND they look marvelous with my dress!! i can't wait to wear these (note: i already have the black w/ white dots and they seem to look precious with everything!)

Apr 12, 2007

delicious table accents

don't think that you are limited to the linens on hand from your party rental company. there are so many options to deck out your tables to suit your style. i found some really spiffy fabrics at J. Caroline Creative. i'm using these for our groovy cocktail lounge (tables and bar overlay). they also have fabulous papers that could be used in a variety of ways! such fun!!

Apr 6, 2007

glamour ears

even though i've already assembled my wedding day jewels - i love to hunt for new ideas....and these would be gorgeous for anyone wearing a black dress (wedding day and otherwise!). Check out all the designs by Isaac Manevitz - pretty darn gorgeous!

artistic memories

i am D-lighted that my talented and adorable friend Sloan will be creating portraits for all our guests at the rehearsal dinner. She is nothing short of fabulous!! She can do individual portraits (or you and your sweetie) and she does events & soirees. We love that everyone at the RD will go home with a special & personal keepsake of our celebration. I think this would be a fabulous to do at the actual wedding as well (in lieu of a photo booth). We'd have here there too - but want her to be our guest!