Mar 1, 2007

baby, you're a starlet veil

omigod you guys!! over the weekend my mom and i played with the birdcage veil i bought and some raw tulle and flowers. we made the most divine concoction that has ever graced my curly head. i think i'm going to attempt to make them for other people (but one step at a time, for now!). if you like the look - start at Georgie Peach (or ebay - where i found mine). then you get some russian netting ( i got mine at Haberman Fabrics) and then add some sassy feathers (i got them at tonyhill). mix together however it all looks best on your head and voila! you have yourself a veil that looks like the ones that cost upwards of $250 for about $25.

1 comment:

kaitlin said...

I love it! I'm trying to make/find one myself and stumbled on your site. Cool finds you have here!