Jan 19, 2007

simply fabulous jewels

holy diamond love!! i just about keeled over when i saw this magnificently gorgeous earring (i heart gold). i think these would be simply fabulous to wear for my wedding and even everyday beyond! but alas - i don't know how much they are but i'm almost certain they'll be more than my dress. woe is me. check out the entire Penny Preville collection and prepare to drool, ladies!!


freshie beth said...

Those are all GORGEOUS!!! Too bad they're probably thousands of dollars... :( I wish I could rent them just for the day! Do you know of a store online where that is an option?

kate logan said...

i love the idea of renting jewelry! wouldn't that be fab? i found this site: http://www.adornbrides.com (but nothing like the Penny stuff). i recently discovered a line called Nadri (carried at Nordstrom) that has some similar looks in the $50 - $300 price range.