Jan 25, 2007

custom bridesmaid dresses - what a concept!

i am so all about my bridesmaids wearing their dresses again. in fact - i want them to choose their own dresses. i mean - why should i choose something as personal as a dress for someone else? hunting around, as i tend to do, i found this brilliant site that allows you to create custom dresses (for the bride too, natch!). you choose your bodice, hem, accents, colors, fabrics! pretty fun too. check out Olivia Luca and have some fun playing designer! warning: the dresses are pretty pricey - the two i tried out were in the $400 - $500 range. OUCH!


Olivia Luca said...


We're glad you enjoyed designing your own dresses on the site!

Just so you know prices start at $265 for a knee length maids dress in 100% silk dupioni or shantung, lined in 100% silk. Each dress is carefully and skillfully completely handmade by one individual in Portland, Oregon (not a factory).

The price of the dresses are totally determined by what you choose for style and fabric. If the dress you designed is too pricey, you can easily go back and edit it to get closer to what is appropriate to your wedding budget. (Ususally by choosing a less expensive fabric.)

Again, thanks for visitng our site! Design some more dresses!

Designer/Owner of Olivia Luca, LLC

kate logan said...

thanks for the update, Terri! i think it's fabulous that you make all the dresses here in the USA. do you have any ready-to-wear dresses?

Kellygothamgirl said...

There is a company called Copycat Fashions located in New York. You just send them pictures, or weblinks of a dress you want made and they send you a quote back in 24hours. Its about 50% off the originaldesigner prices. If you order multiples they discount further. Perfect for Bridesmaids dresses. The site is http://copycatfashions.com Very simple to use.